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My game has stopped working

Turn your device off and on, and then open Icy Bounce again.

My game crashes at the start (Google Play)

Make sure you do not have an AdBlocker enabled, or that Icy Bounce is whitelisted. We have optional ads in-game and adblockers prevent it from working properly. We are looking at ways to work around this.

I have a new device. How can I get my characters back?

If you have downloaded Icy Bounce from Google Play Store, don’t worry - all of your characters and your progress will be synchronized in the cloud. Especially your in-app purchases.
However, if you played Icy Bounce on iOS or have downloaded it from Amazon Store, only your in-app purchases will be synchronized. If they were not automatically, just open Settings menu in Icy Bounce (lower right before the game begins) and click on “Restore Purchases” button.

Why don't I have any ads to watch and get free coins?

Unfortunately, we do not currently support ads in Icy Bounce downloaded from Amazon Store. However, we have removed quest limit per day so you can get coins faster.
If you do not see ads on your iOS or Android (downloaded from Google Play), then you might have reached your daily ads limit. Just wait few hours (up to 24) and they should be back!

I won a character I already own!

You can watch an ad or pay 250 coins for a premium rocket and chances are you will now get a new character!

I found a bug. How do I report it?

If the bug affects your game experience, please email us at support@icybounce.com. Thank you!

Can I suggest a character?

Yes, but it should be original, funny, and widely understood. Additionally, we do not make any promises as to whether we will include your character or not.

When will it come to other platforms?

Icy Bounce was designed as a mobile title and will most likely not be released on any additional platforms (unless you have an interesting offer).

I want to translate your game to my native language.

Thank you very much! We love adding new languages. Please email us at languages@icybounce.com

Still have questions?

Email us at support@icybounce.com
Business inquiries: business@icybounce.com

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